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The smart way to get paid in dollars

Send, spend and protect your money.

Protect your money.

Stable currency is a human right—Sinbad is designed to help you protect your savings from inflation.

You are in control.

Be in charge of your money—access your funds right from your phone.

Dollars without borders

Sinbad will soon be available in more than 130+ countries. Protect yourself from currency devaluation with a digital US dollar account.

Fund your account with cash and use your phone to send and receive money instantly.

What are digital dollars?

You own the keys to your money (Coming soon)

Sinbad is the digital dollar app you’ll love. It's the easy way to hold your dollars with no compromise on security.

With Sinbad, your money is truly yours because it's not owned by a bank. Your funds cannot be frozen—it's like keeping cash in your own safe that you can access anytime and anywhere.

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Pay anyone instantly, for free

It’s free to send and receive money within Sinbad, wherever your recipient is in the world.

You can deposit or withdraw cash at a partner location near you at anytime.

Secure. Simple. For everyone.


Save. Easy and secure access to digital dollars in the app.

Send. It’s free to send and receive on Sinbad.

Exchange. Deposit cash to load your Sinbad app.

Questions and answers

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Built with ♥ in Canada.

Sinbad is a financial platform, not a bank. The software protocols used in the purchase, sale, or transfer of virtual currencies through Sinbad’s services are not owned or controlled by Sinbad. Sinbad does not provide any guarantees concerning the price fluctuations of virtual currencies or the security, functionality, or availability of such protocols.

All investing involves risk.

Digital assets are subject to a number of risks, including price volatility. Conducting transactions involving digital assets could lead to significant losses and may not be suitable for all consumers. Unlike other financial products, digital asset markets and exchanges are not regulated by the same controls or customer protections and are governed by a changing regulatory landscape. Digital assets usually do not possess legal tender status and are not protected by deposit protection insurance. Historical performance of a digital asset is not indicative of future results or performance and cannot be relied upon as a guide.

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